Audition: A Memoir

Audition: A Memoir - Barbara Walters I've been wanting to reaad this book since it came ou so started it on the honeymoon in hopes of getting through it. The honeymoon was in September. It is now November. Not bad for a 600 page book I guess.... In all, I thought this book was good - but not excellent. I went through waves of really enjoying Barbara to not enjoying her as much as I thought I would. But in saying that, I do recognize that she came a loooong way to be the person that she has become and she should be commended for that. But did it have to be 600 pages worth ... I'm not sure. I really enjoyed most of the stories - it gave us a bit of extra insight into the lives of those she interviewed, and of her own life. In all it was a very honest book - I think - but again, the length was a bit much.